At 130 Atelier our number one priority is the Bride.

A wedding is such a momentous and glorious event, we want to make our Brides

feel as comfortable and as confident as possible.

No matter what style, fabric or silhouette you are looking for, we’re certain we can help!

Your Bridal look is so special and we will be there to guide you.

Take a look who is gracing our rails...

Danielle Sykes

Amy Mair Couture

Watters Brides

Willowby by Watters

Gaia Bridal

At 130 Atelier we also lucky enough to have some accessories from The Bobby Pin and AM Faulkner.

We took our time to hand pick the designers gowns that line our walls; 

with that being said, take a peek at the designers we chose with you in mind...



"... a luxury British bridal brand lovingly handmade..."

The Bobby Pin.png


At 130 Atelier we want to pull out all the stops for you. During your appointment we shall show you our beautiful hair accessories from The Bobby Pin and veils from AM Faulkner



"... sophisticated & quaint Haute Couture wedding dresses..."

WILLOWBY Orion detail.jpg


"...feel like the truest version of yourself in gowns that accentuate you..."

Being a part of the Watters brand, Willowby has the same amount of attention to detail and amazing variety of fabrics.
With so many choices on offer at 130 Atelier we are sure you will not want to get out of your Willowby gown.



"...a chic and modern brand..."

130 Atelier was drawn to Gaia gowns right from the early days of starting research for the boutique. The designer, Maria, creates gowns for the chic and modern bride. We are so happy that we have such a variety of gowns from Gaia Bridal under our roof!

Watters Cappucine detail.jpg


"...designed and sent with love from our home base in Dallas, Texas..."


Vatana Watters started her design

career over 37 years ago.

After designing dresses for herself, friends and family she started designing gowns for other brides who couldn’t find their gown. Growing into a large company Watters had their brides priorities set right from the start. Each gown would be comfortable, have versatility and drama.


More Designers coming so soon - just you wait!