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Coming soon to 130 Atelier

”Many moons ago, (37 years if you’re the numbers type), a light went off in the mind of Vatana Watters. She’d been designing one-off dresses for herself, as well as friends and family – who came up empty-handed when looking for dresses that didn’t feel cookie-cutter.

So Vatana took a vow (ha), to take matters into her own hands. Fast forward to now.

The Watters family has become a creative team of designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses. Our focus – know fashion, pick up on trends and understand how brides’ wants and needs to evolve. Drama, comfort, style, versatility, and individuality.

We want to be all that to brides and bridesmaids.”

Arriving August 2024

Prices - £280-£320

Elson, Watters Maids, Cheshire


Be sure to send us your wedding photos, the Watters team love to see + feature

our real bridey’s + their entourage!

Puffin, Watters Maids, Cheshire


Sadie, Watters Maids, Cheshire


Emma, Watters Maids, Cheshire


Melanie, Watters Maids, Cheshire


Melanie, Watters Maids, Cheshire


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