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Francesca // Sept 23 // Chateau Lacanaud

I couldn't recommend you or your boutique more!”

Your Name?


What is the name of your wedding venue?

Chateau Lacanaud

Name of your wedding dress boutique?

You!! 130 Atelier

Name of your dress designer and style?

Watters - Yavanna with romantic, stylish, sleeves!

Before you started shopping for your dress, did you have an idea of the type or style of gown you wanted?

Some idea yes, I thought I wanted sleeves (not sleeveless/boob tube style and probably not slinky) and I didn't think I wanted lace or sequins, I did imagine A-line. I didn't imagine I'd end up with something so amazing, simple but stylish and very unique, LOVED the detachable sleeves and layers and layers of tulle fabric!

Did you have an idea of the wedding dress designer / label you wanted?

No, although I had seen the Amy Mair Couture one on Pinterest, which I wanted to try, but I didn't have a particular designer in mind, I was mainly looking at styles and the vibe I wanted and would find the designers through that. 

How did you find out about your boutique?

Finding the Amy Mair Couture dress via Pinterest, I messaged to find out where she was stocked and it led me to you and an entirely different dress! 

What made you decide to go with the boutique you did?

Because you stocked the dress/designer I wanted to try, but I soon realised I also loved the vibe of the boutique, it felt really personal and welcoming from the moment I reached out and we interacted on Instagram for a few weeks before my appointment, where I kept pointing out other styles/vibes you were posting that I liked which I think helped you know what I was looking for and ultimately the dress I ended up with!!!

How did your boutique make you feel special?

Honestly, YOU are the reason I felt special, you are so warm and welcoming and really listened to what I was looking for and the style of the wedding we were planning to select styles that really felt like they'd been selected for me. You also had a selection of sizes and I wasn't super body confident at the time and you made me feel at ease and comfortable (and amazing in my dress!) I only went to 4 boutiques in total and I didn't enjoy any of the other experiences (which is sad!), yours was the only boutique that made me feel relaxed and welcome, and of course had the most fabulous dresses, which is why I never went anywhere else afterwards and instantly knew I wanted to buy my perfect dress from you, I can't thank you enough.

What were your favourite parts of the wedding dress shopping experience?

Before your boutique, nothing! At your boutique, I loved the welcome, I think we had a glass of fizz as it was Mother's Day and you sat my mum and I down on the orange sofa and asked me some questions about myself and the wedding and genuinely listened! I felt heard! And then you'd already selected some dresses which was lovely (as we'd been interacting before) and you talked me through each one and we tried them on, and then one of them was the one!!! You also knew I really liked my dress but allowed me to go away and sleep on it (as it was a big decision!), so I messaged you a couple of days later to say yes, which was nice as I didn't feel pressured (although I kind of wish I had said yes on the day to get my "yes to the dress" moment haha!)

Was the experience of shopping for your wedding dress as you expected, or was it something totally different?

Most of my experiences were different to what I expected, I honestly didn't enjoy it at all until I came to your boutique! Yours made me feel special and how I'd hoped it would be, I just wish I'd had one or two other good experiences as it does give me negative memories of the dress-buying experience on the whole, I wish more places were like your boutique!

How many other shops did you visit?


Can you tell us why you were put off buying your dress from another boutique?

I just didn't feel very welcome, the people weren't very friendly or interested in me as a person or listening to what I wanted, as a bride, you want to feel special (wedding dress shopping is always portrayed in this magical way!) and I know, when you're working in the wedding industry you must see 100's of brides a month/year but each of them deserves to feel special, because (hopefully) they only have the experience once! Your boutique did make me feel special, but none of the others did. I was also a size 14 when I first tried on dresses and at the other boutiques it was hard to squeeze into the dresses/I sometimes felt embarrassed (and none of them were very kind or helpful about it, they only had sizes 8-10), which is sad when I think a size 14-16 is the UK average!

What is your advice to other brides who are about to start dress shopping?

Be open-minded and try on a range of styles, something might surprise you! And PLEASE don't be too hard on yourself or your body if dress shops don't have your size - the dress is supposed to fit you, not the other way round! Go somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and confident (130 Atelier was definitely that place for me!)

Any additional advice about planning / wedding day?

The bride brings the vibe! Enjoy every moment, bring all your energy, don't sweat the small stuff and remember it's all about you, marrying the love of your life, surrounded by your family and friends (not things like flowers, favours etc)

Vendor tags:

Dress: @watters

Veil: @rebeccaannedesigns

Seamstress: @pearlsewingrooms

Venue:  Chateau Lacanaud -

Hair and makeup: alexiabigaudmorin_hmua

Flowers/decor: fairyfleur1


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