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How do I store my wedding dress?

The age old question… How do I store my 130 Atelier wedding dress?

Upon having your second appointment at 130, you will be taking a gorgeous gown back home with you.

- Gown storage -

1. Get a space ready! It might be a good idea to organise where your wedding dress will be living before your alterations appointment, this might be with a loved one or at your house.

2. Definitely keep your gorgeous gown in the 130 Atelier garment bag in a dry place

3. Keep your dress out of direct sunlight

4. And definitely keep your wedding dress away from prying eyes (and furry paws!)

5. Before peeking at your dress, lay down a clean blanket/towel under our garment bag to ensure nothing pulls/marks your dress.

6. Clean, clean, clean! Wash your lovely hands before peeking… If you want to gaze at your dreamy dress, PLEASE put your finger behind the zip to prevent any fabric from being caught in the unzipping action. And remind your entourage to do the same! *I honestly have nightmares about this*

(7. After your gorgeous wedding day has taken place, I highly encourage our brides to use our cleaning service. This service if £100, please enquire for further details. Your wedding dress will thank you later!)

Because you are an organised Queen you have sorted your alterations appointment after your first fitting with 130 Atelier - as we encourage all of our brides to do! We will give you an approximate delivery month for you to come and collect your wedding dress so you can pencil an alterations date!

After alterations appointments are completed, all you need to do is follow steps 1-6 again and you won’t have long to wait again until you put your gorgeous wedding dress back on!

The garment bag we have provided for you is made of breathable fabric so it is perfect for storing your gown in!

We do also now have some very pretty storage boxes, get in touch today today if you would like us to pack your gown and snug in it’s forever home.

- Eloping or getting married abroad -

We have travel boxes at 130 and we can pack your gown too before you jet off to say “I do!” The boxes are cabin size, please double check the measurements. Get in touch for more information!

- Veil care -

Your veil can be stored alongside your dress.

If you have bought a veil from 130 Atelier they are likely to come in a plastic sleeve in a box. Please keep the veil stored in both of these to protect it from dust and sunlight.

A few days before the wedding take your veil out of the sleeve and hang it from the tag. For full length veils place a sheet on the floor first in order to protect it.

If it is needed, gently steam and the creases will fall out. NEVER use an iron!

If your veil has embellishments, please be mindful when steaming around them.

The most important thing of all…

Take a deep breath and have a ball!!

Big hugs, you got this - your wedding day is around the corner! Eek!

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