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Stress free wedding morning!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Our Top Ten tips

1. Get ready nearby your wedding venue

You don’t want to have to worry about traffic jams getting from point A to B - they are not in your control…

What is in your control is where you get ready for your wedding day!

A major plus is having an abundance of natural lighting! Your MUA and photographer will LOVE you even more than they already do!

2. Give yourself the gift of time

Tip no.1 instantly helps with this, you are are probably going to be super excited and wake up super early anyway! But just be sure to get ready with plenty of time, don’t keep that Fiancé of yours waiting! (I’m sure you are wanting to canter up that aisle but it’s always nice to have the option where you don’t have to be breathless at the altar! 😂)

Steam your wedding dress the night before! You don’t want to be running around first thing!

P.S. pack an extension cord - make sure you don’t struggle when steaming!

Also great to keep all devicEs charging in one area (your photographer can thank me later ha!)

P.P.S. It’s good to practise getting into that amazing frock you bought at 130 too, so you know how long it takes to do up those buttons, fluff the tulle or be laced into the corset. Bear in mind, it is a delicate garment, so be careful, I wish you could wear it everyday! Remember be careful unzipping your garment bag, put your finger behind the zip and you are good to go! P.P.S. Go to the loo before putting your wedding dress on!!

Find your wedding dress loo “helper” here;

(If you forget this helping hand, go on the the toilet the opposite to your usual stance. Face the loo handle, it’s liberating and you won’t need any helping hands! Great to know if you need 5 mins peace and quiet!)

Find “button hook device” here (your Nana/Mum/bridesmaid might already have one);

*It might be worth getting a bunch of these… Just so you don’t have to rely on any one particular member of your entourage, who will 100% be living their best life on the dance floor!*

And have one in your room at the end of your amazing day!

3. Have your ”bridal moment” and go first with your hair and makeup!

I know that you gorgeous brides are so lovely and want your bridal party to have an amazing day, but they are here for YOU. So… You do you and go first, remember you will be wanting to have some amazing pictures of getting ready. Tip number 2 also helps with this tip!

4. EAT!

Remember to eat, it’s amazing how you can get so caught up in the moment that you forget! You might be having a bit of fizz whilst getting ready so get something in that tum - it can help with your butterflies too! You might not feel like eating but your next chance might possibly be at the reception, there is a few hours between getting ready and having your canapés / sit down meal!

5. Keep all belongings in one area - you + your entourage!

This saves shifting handbags, overnight bags, make up bags out of the way - your wedding ain’t sponsor by that sports bag brand, so why should it be in the back of your photos! One person may shift someone’s bag and forget to tell said person, so it also saves a whole headache before you have to run out the door! (Tell your Fiancé about this step too!)

6. Get coordinated!

Get matching slippers or robes it makes for a cute keep sake and your photos look super sweet!

Also robes are best to wear the morning of as they are super comfy and easy to get in and out of once your hair and make up is all done!

P.S. Remember to NOT wear a bra the morning of, you don’t want to see bra lines with your backless/strapless gown on pictures. Same for you bridesmaids!

Find great robe options here;

Find another great bride option here;

Find great matching bridesmaid robe options here;

Find great flip flops for all the bridal party here (great for dancing the night away!);

Also, if you want to bling up your bridey comfort… Here are an excellent addition to your bridal wardrobe! Hello Honeymoon!!

7. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

Your entourage want to be helpful and make your morning stress free! So give them a list or just one job if you have an army of bridesmaids! Everyone loves a list, this can be given the morning of but perhaps give them a heads up the week/day before, everyone will wake up knowing what they need to be doing or checking on!

8. Prep + Packing

Create a list of loose ends that need completing the week before, checking in with vendors, pick up your dress from alterations (if you haven’t already!)

Make your list(s) for tip number 7 too!

Prep your overnight bag(s) the week before your big day Make sure the night before that you know where your wedding rings are - who they are going to be picked up by + when!

Where are you wedding shoes, a few brides loose track of their shoes in the run up of walking out the door. Perhaps tip number 7 comes in handy for this section!

Find great ring boxes here;

9. Calm bridal party = calm bride

Having your circle of trust besties be calm instantly helps you. Bridesmaids, please ensure that you have these to hand (just in case) for your fellow bridesmaids or even your bride… Perhaps this can even be a great hamper the morning of!!

*Trial out products to ensure they work best for you! Practise makes perfect!*

Find great clear boob tape here;

Find great “solid” boob tape here (various shades);

Find great heel protectors here (great for grassy areas);

Find great heel guards here (lifesavers if your shoes are too big too!);

Find great toe cushions here;

Find great plasters here;

Find great “emergency” needle and thread here (scissors included);

Find great nipple covers here (various shades available);

Find great “chicken fillets” here;

Be it a night ”out-out” or a wedding, you better believe I have most of these in my clutch!

Better safe than sorry!

*Great for a little top up!*

Perfume Refillable bottle;

10. Hand over that phone

Scroll back to tip 7, hand over your phone first thing. You can go through all those gorgeous photos tomorrow morning, you know, when you wake up a Mrs!!

Psst, bridesmaids - why not get a polariod camera and snap a few silly selfies to stick in the back of her phonecase… It will be a cute surprise when your bestie gets her phone back!

Find great Polaroid camera here;

Get plenty of film, you are 100% going to use it!

AND OFCOURSE, these are essential to any bridal partayyyy…

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know any tips you’d like to include in our list!

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