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Sarah // October 23 // St George’s Hall + Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

Your Name?


What is the name of your wedding venue?

St George’s Hall / St Luke’s Bombed Out Church

Name of your wedding dress boutique?

130 Atelier

Name of your dress designer and style?

Taith, Willow by Watters and Naya in Black from By Watters

Before you started shopping for your dress, did you have an idea of the type or style of gown you wanted?

Yes long sleeved and floaty

Did you have an idea of the wedding dress designer / label you wanted?

Yes Willow by Watters

How did you find out about your boutique?

I knew the stocked Willow by Watters 

What made you decide to go with the boutique you did?

Sophie as she was amazing so nice

How did your boutique make you feel special?

Sophie and her mum were amazing they even came to my wedding as I loved them and even when they are in Liverpool still pop down to see them both

What were your favourite parts of the wedding dress shopping experience?

The dress shopping I love dressing up so it was unreal 

Was the experience of shopping for your wedding dress as you expected, or was it something totally different?

Better than expected I tried somewhere else and they were pushy Sophie was just so accommodating 

How many other shops did you visit?


Can you tell us about any negative experiences you had or why you were put off buying your dress from another boutique?

The person was like trying to say the dress fitted my theme when it didn’t just felt like wanted to make a sale 

What is your advice to other brides who are about to start dress shopping?

Embrace it and try the suggestions my wedding dress was a wildcard and I loved it trust the store to help you 

Any additional advice about planning / wedding day?

Try not to stress too much it does work out and it is so quick embrace it


Photographer - @gingerbeardwedding -

Venue - St Luke’s Bombed Out Church / St George’s Hall

Florist - Earthflorists Heswall

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