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Two months to go

With all the government updates due in a few minutes my brain is in overdrive.

And it probably isn't helping that I am totally caffeine induced after my lack of sleep last night!

I am in a vicious cycle of feelings at the moment as today marks two months until we open for the first time!

The cycle goes from feeling OTT excitement about my future and complete happiness to being nervous about my future career to"I have the best job ever" to what have I done choosing a new career in this Covid-19 world!?

Then I catch myself.

If not now, when?

Sometimes we have got to grab life by the balls (soz not soz) and make our own goals come true. No one else will do it for us.

If not now, when?

At 130 we aren't even open yet and feel anxious about our future - but I challenge you to try and "pivot" your thoughts whatever the results are in a few minutes... Call your loved ones, rant, rave, holler.

I am just going to pop this on the table... Take a breath, ponder.

F**k it, why not just married...

If not now, when?

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