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What do I need to bring to my bridal appointment?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

"What do I bring to my appointment?“

”Do I need to wear shapewear?”

”Do I need to do any prep before my appointment? I need some guidance!"

We know you are organised Queens, but there is always something that we may forget to pack the night before...

So here our your Bridey essentials for your appointment at 130!



You have already sent your favourites to us pre appointment, after filling out our Bridal Quiz. So be sure to keep up to date with our website + social media and see which gowns your crushing on!


Bring the right underwear, be it nude, strapless or a sticky bra (just in case!)

The majority of our dresses do you have support built, so you shouldn’t need a bra

(But sometimes we need some support gals!)

Good shapewear is worth the investment, no doubt you wear it again!

We have found high waisted nude shorts are best and sizing up prevents lines.


You may not have found THE shoes like you haven’t found THE dress, just bring along a pair that are the height that you are after. All important factor when we take your measurements.

Here are some of our favs;

Rainbow Club

Charlotte Mills

Sophia Webster

Loeffler Randall

We have a select line of Charlotte Mills available to try during your appointment in sizes 5-8.

THE Look

We encourage you to come to your appointment with your hair and make up done! However, we would encourage you to *pretty please* steer clear of fake tan, our dresses are a bit scared of fake tan!


If you can, try and get a hold of a fabric sample of your bridesmaids gowns / the mother-of-the-bride / the flower girls outfit. It will be nice for you to compare it to gowns at 130 Atelier.

One thing we do want to express to our Bridey's...

Please be honest with us during your appointment.

At 130 Atelier we want you to tell us what you want, like and don't like

(we won’t be offended, promise!)

Be sure to bring your excitment, two loved ones and a bunch of ideas!

✨Every bride who says yes at 130 can expect a gift from us✨

We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to your dream dress!

Now, get ready to come find your gown at 130!

We can’t WAIT to hear all your plans xo

Sophie xo

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