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When do I start shopping for my wedding dress?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The real answer… Whenever you feel like you are ready to “Say Yes to the Dress!”

TIMELINE - Work backwards from “THE BIG DAY”

12-18 Months before “THE BIG DAY”

This is the ideal time frame that you will give yourself to find your dreamy 130 Atelier wedding dress.

Hi five for your #stressfreeweddingplanning ! P.S. You can even give yourself a month off wedding planning! Woop! It can all get a bit overwhelming, why stress, give yourself the gift of time!

9-12 Months before “THE BIG DAY”

Now is the time you really do need to book in for your 130 appointment in order to place your Made-to-Order and Made-to-Measure wedding dress. Our current lead times are 6 months for your wedding dress to be made and sent to our boutique.

*Veil lead times currently stand at 4 months* I would heavily encourage you to sort out your beautiful accessories at your first appointment.

Under 9months - Rush fees may apply to you within this time frame.

3-6 Months before “THE BIG DAY”

Time for alterations! Usually we recommend 2-3 fittings for your alterations to ensure everything is perfect.

Just make sure you tell the seamstress exactly what you want doing to your dress. They are amazing and will guide you with their years of experience in this industry!

(We have all been there at the hairdressers saying we’re happy with how it looks when deep down we are not!! So don’t do this with your wedding dress!)


“AHH, I have left it too late!”

”AHH, we are eloping!”

Don’t worry, we have a great variety of off the rack dresses for you. These dresses are our samples, we take great pride in looking after our samples, as one day we know that they will be someone’s wedding dress. These dresses can range in sizes and price tags.

We have fab seamstresses that we can recommend who will be able to help you out.

We also have amazing cabin sized travel boxes and can pack your gown for you after your alterations. Start prices £50.

So whatever timeframe you have, just book yourself in, we can’t wait to meet you and hear all about your wedding plans!

See you soon! xo

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