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Olivia // March 23 // Ashes Barns

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Olivia, what is the name of your wedding venue?

The Ashes Barn, Stoke

Name of your dress designer and style?

Amy Mair, Paris Ivory

Before you started shopping for your dress, did you have an idea of the type or style of gown you wanted?

Yes, I wanted it to be a boho laidback style, potentially a satin slip dress or something like that.

Did you have an idea of the wedding dress designer / label you wanted?

I liked the dresses by Grace Loves Lace and the Willowby Watters collection.

How did you find out about your boutique?

I started to follow all things bridal on Instagram and 130 Atelier requested to follow me so I followed back and really loved the content.

What made you decide to go with the boutique you did?

Sophie, the owner, messaged me thanking me for the follow and offered to help with any questions I had. I really appreciated her reaching out. She was interactive and super helpful, so I booked an appointment. I wasn’t really looking forward to the whole trying dresses on part of it, so I only had this appointment and one with another boutique for the following week. Sophies demeanour via our messages made me feel so comfortable.

How did your boutique make you feel special?

I had already completed a questionnaire that Sophie had sent to give her an idea of dress styles, from this she had handpicked 5 dresses for me to try, this really helped me to not feel overwhelmed. When I got to the boutique there was a welcome sign on the door with my name on it and she had written a message for me on the mirror, these little touches made the whole thing feel really personal. She was warm and welcoming, and I immediately felt at ease, something I was concerned about. I felt she knew my style better than myself and the dresses she had picked out for me were beautiful. She made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world but remained honest and not ‘too much’ so I really trusted her. After I had picked the dress and, in the months, leading up to the wedding Sophie would check in via messages, I felt like I wasn’t just a customer but a friend.

What were your favourite parts of the wedding dress shopping experience?

I can’t explain how beautiful I felt in my dress, I am not the dressy type and I was worried about the whole process, I can be very self critical. But because I was comfortable, and I trusted Sophie I was able to allow myself to open up. Knowing how amazing I felt in my dress was the best feeling, and I owe that to Sophie. The whole experience was wonderful and I will be forever grateful.

Was the experience of shopping for your wedding dress as you expected, or was it something totally different?

Yes. I was originally nervous and wasn’t really looking forward to it. But the whole process was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I didn’t visit any other shops, I knew I had found my dress, so I cancelled the other.

The experience at 130 Atelier was wonderful, therefore, I did not feel the need to explore any other boutiques.

What is your advice to other brides who are about to start dress shopping?

Book in at 130 Atelier, you won’t regret it! But seriously, try and be open minded and don’t be harsh on yourself!

Photographer - // @thebridetribephoto

Venue - // @theashesbarns

Photobooth - // @birdie_photobooth

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