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Georgia // May 2024 // City Chambers, Edinburgh

Have a peek at Georgia’s time at 130 Atelier Cheshire xo

Your Name?


What is the name of your wedding venue?

City Chambers, Edinburgh

Name of your wedding dress boutique?

130 Atelier 

Name of your dress designer and style?

By Watters, Crumpet 

Before you started shopping for your dress, did you have an idea of the type or style of gown you wanted?

We made the decision to elope in Edinburgh Old Town. I knew I didn’t want a traditional or long wedding dress as I felt this didn’t suit the type of wedding we were going to be having. At first, I thought that wedding dress boutiques wouldn’t be able to offer the kind of dress I was looking for so I looked high and low online, ordering a number of dressing with none of them being right. I knew I wanted something sweet, chic and short. 

Did you have an idea of the wedding dress designer / label you wanted?

I started shopping with no idea in relation to designers. 

How did you find out about your boutique?

After ordering and returning countless dresses which I had ordered online, I was scrolling on social media and saw a bridal boutique share a video of my PERFECT wedding dress. I knew she was the one from this moment. The designer is US based so I went to their website to take a look at their UK stockists, at this point I loved the dress so much I just was willing to travel anywhere. Luckily for me, 130 Atelier was my closest stockist, being only a 45 minute drive from my home.

What made you decide to go with the boutique you did?

After finding 130 Atelier, I started looking at their Instagram page and saw they had a By Watters trunk show coming up within a few weeks and there was only one remaining appointment, it was like it was meant to be.

How did your boutique make you feel special?

Sophie went above and beyond for me at my appointment. She sent out a pre-appointment questionnaire, to give her an idea of what I liked, my usual size and budget. 

What were your favourite parts of the wedding dress shopping experience?

Finding the one and realising how easy wedding dress shopping can be!

Was the experience of shopping for your wedding dress as you expected, or was it something totally different?

I was so worried about the idea of wedding dress shopping, but Sophie made it so comfortable and easy. I think it does help that I had an idea of what dress I wanted but Sophie made the whole process seamless.

How many other shops did you visit?

130 Atelier was the first shop I visited. 

What is your advice to other brides who are about to start dress shopping?

The idea of dress shopping can be scary, my advice would be  not to put pressure on yourself. You will know when you’ve found the dress you’re going to say ‘I Do’ in. 

You don’t need to look a certain way or for a certain size either, during my appointment the dresses were sample sizes but Sophie made me feel so comfortable and had lots of tricks to help with the teeny sample sizes. 

Any additional advice about planning / wedding day?

It is YOUR and your fiancé’s day. Be fearless. Do whatever YOU want to do for your wedding.

Remember that there is no set way to get married. 

I would urge any nearly-weds to ensure they are prioritising their wishes and happiness for their wedding day.

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